Liberty City


Genre: Muziek


Tijdzone: CEST [GMT+2]
21:00 - 23:00
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Met Int Cleastwood.


Dreadly Urban Bits & bass and endlessly further... lots of electronic instru-mentality based on bass, mingled with sound poetry and other spoken words ::: with INT CLEASTWOOD, your Central Lutherizer, presented to you every two weeks

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'Liberty City' is one of the earliest tracks from Mark Stewart + Maffia, after dissolving the Pop Group. The tune was released on the 'Jerusalem' EP. 'Welcome To Liberty City' was used as a jingle for the earlier emissions of the show, that started back in 1988. In the meantime Adrian Maxwell Sherwood released a version dub excursion of the 'Learning To Cope With Cowardice' album called 'The Lost Tapes', including a dub version of the 'Liberty City' tune which is used now as a permanent jingle for the show... "The so called city... As the public passes by, I'll take a walk into the conquered city. Welcome to Liberty City. The busier you are, the less you see. Welcome to Liberty City..."


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